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High (Nursing Home) Care

High nursing home care at Anthem has been specially designed using today's best practice nursing principles.

Anthem's unique clinical care helps to minimise hospitalisation where possible.

Anthem has 24 single rooms for high care. There are 12 single rooms with shared bathroom for high dependency, and 12 Deluxe & Premium single rooms for those who are more mobile.

There are also two double rooms for any couples who are wishing to be together.

Telemedicine capabilities are built in to each bedroom, allowing the transmission of medical imaging and health information data to another healthcare site. This helps to minimise travel to other professional health services.  Lifters are built into the wall behind some beds for easy access should a resident need assistance getting in and out of bed.

Our high nursing home care facility includes three large lounge areas for activities every day. Visitors are encouraged to participate in our activities. We have a Hydrotherapy bath, using warm water as a form of relaxation and physiotherapy treatment.