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There are four important facts a resident needs to understand before they move into Care:
  1. You will need to be assessed by the ACAT Team of nurses to see if you qualify for Care.
  2. A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) to be paid.
  3. A daily care fee, which is the amount you are charged each day for all your meals & care, currently $49.07 per day + $15.00 a day (Additional Service fee)
  4. Everyone has to complete a "Combined Assets & Income Assessment"; this will determine the charges you will pay in addition to the daily care as a Co-Contribution amount.
Current Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
Single room Shared bathrooms $380,000.00 up to $500,000.00 5.78 5.78 $60.17 $79.17
Deluxe Single $535,000.00 5.78 $84.42
Premium Single $550,000.00 5.78 $87.09

RAD Refundable Accommodation deposit     DAP Daily Accommodation Payment      MPIR Maximum Permissible Interest Rate