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Complaints and Comments Policy


  • Residents/ representatives staff and other stakeholders will have access to internal and external complaints mechanisms.
  • Complaints will be viewed as an opportunity to improve care and services.
  • Residents (and/or representatives) will have information relating to the internal/ external complaints mechanism made available to them.
  • Management will actively seek feedback from each resident/ representative and staff on all aspects of the services provided by the Anthem.
  • All suggestions will be recorded, monitored and acted upon to achieve a satisfactory solution via the comments/suggestion mechanism.
  • Issues raised by a resident/ representative will be dealt with fairly, promptly, confidentially and without fear of retribution.
  • Suggestions unable to be resolved internally will be referred to external agencies for resolution.
  • Staff will receive education on the comments/ complaint’s mechanism.


  • Complaint – An expression of dissatisfaction or a circumstance regarded as a cause for such expression.


Complaints mechanisms – informing residents and stakeholders Staff, residents, representatives, contractors, visiting health professionals and visitors are informed of internal and external complaints mechanisms through:
  • Handbooks
  • Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • Meetings
  • Resident and Contractor Agreements
  • Posters and Signage
  • Website
  • Staff training

Lodging complaints

Complaints and comments can be made through:
  • feedback forms – available throughout the facility
  • confidential boxes located at throughout the facility
  • speaking with staff
  • contacting Management in person or in writing
  • responding to questionnaires and surveys
  • attending meetings and care conferences
Local contacting Anthem Complaints Officer:
  1. Name: Jenny Carney
Title: Customer Relations Officer Address: 25 Retford Road, Bowral NSW 2576 Phone: 4862 8500 Email: Contacting external complaints and advocacy agencies as below:
  1. Aged Care Complaints Commissioner
Ph.: 1800 550 552 or GPO Box 9848 (in your capital city)
  1. Senior Rights Service (NSW)
Ph: 1800 424 079

Complaint resolution process

Management will ensure:
  • All complaints are acknowledged within one working day of receipt. Complainants must be informed of the complaint procedure and their right to:
  • privacy
  • translation services (as required)
  • advocacy
  • preferred complaints handler
  • Complaints are assessed to ensure any high-risk issues are investigated and managed as a priority
  • Where the complaint is not able to be immediately resolved, the complainant is consulted regarding an acceptable timeframe for complaint resolution and the timeframe is established
  • Complaints are investigated, and action taken to resolve issues
  • The complainant is informed of the outcome of the investigation
  • The complaint handler checks that the complainant is satisfied with the resolution
  • The outcome is evaluated to ensure it is effective
  • An outcome is provided in writing to the complainant (where requested or where required based on the risk associated with the complaint)
  • The complainant is referred to the Facility Manager (FM) when the complaint cannot be resolved by the nominated Complaints Handler.
  • Where the complaint cannot be resolved by the FM, the complaint is escalated to Directors.
  • Where the complaint cannot be resolved internally, an external complaints handler will be proposed
  • All comments and complaints must be recorded on Comments and Complaints and Comments and Complaints Register.

Documentation and reporting

  • Until a complaint is resolved, the Comments and Complaints Form and Complaint Investigation Form are to be held by the relevant Manager and then returned to the Customer Relations Officer for recording when finalised.
  • Complaint and comments records must include all supporting evidence to the complaint including:
  • The complainants name and contact details
  • Details on the nature of the complaint
  • Dated and signed records of any correspondence or discussion with the complainant
  • Records of any action taken in addressing concerns detailed in the complaint
  • Signed and dated records of discussions or correspondence with the complainant on resolution of the matter
  • Evaluation method and outcome
  • Comments and Complaints Form (Residents, Representatives, Contractors)
  • Complaints Action Form (Registering and investigating of complaint)
  • Comments and Complaints Register
  • Complaint Acknowledgement Letter
  • Aged Care Act 1997
  • Complaints Principles 2015
  • Better Practice Guide to Complaint Handling in Aged Care