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Complaints and Comments Policy


Anthem sees comments and complaints as an opportunity for us to improve the Quality of service.

Any complaint or concern both internal and external will be dealt with as a matter of urgency without retribution to the person/persons making a complaint.


    • Each resident (or his or her representative) and other interested parties have access to internal and external complaint mechanisms.
    • Recognise, promote and protect resident’s rights to provide feedback and complain
    • Provide a mechanism for complaint investigation and resolution



Privacy Act 1988

Privacy Principles 2014

Quality of Care Principles 2014

Aged Care Act 1997

Other Resources

Better Practice Guide to Complaint Handling in Aged Care Services, Department of Social Services Complaint handling toolkit

Anthem’s Policies:

1.1 – Continuous improvement


Australian Journal of Dementia Care, The meals look lovely but mum says the food is tasteless, Vol. 2 No 2, April/May 2013 pp 15 - 18