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Anthem Care Retirement Village

Aged Care

Low and High Care at Anthem provides the opportunity to maintain a level of privacy and independence at a time when living at home is proving just a little too hard. At a time when looking after the house, cooking, and when everyday personal care is difficult, care at Anthem lets you keep living the life you want to live, knowing that the care you need is available 24 hours a day in a social and friendly care community.

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Our Rooms

Premium, Deluxe, Superior Large and Medium rooms at Anthem include a kitchenette with a washing machine/dryer, small fridge, sink and cupboards. All rooms have a state of the art hospital bed, own well-designed bathroom for easy showering, individually controlled heating and cooling systems  by the resident, Large wardrobe with shelving and lockable drawers, telephone line, wifi internet, large TV, emergency call system located in the bathroom and beside the bed, as well as the latest in lighting throughout your room and bathroom.  There is Plenty of room to bring some of your own furniture to make your room comfortable. For example a coffee table and a couple of comfortable chairs, and other items of furniture such as bookcase or hutch, bedside table or chest of drawers. Of course, there’s lots of wall space for your favourite photos or paintings.

Our Premium single rooms (4 x 7.3 metres) also include a large wall unit built in with shelving, drawers and space for the TV.

Our Deluxe, Superior large & Medium  single rooms measure 3.5 x 5.6 metres approx.

There are a number of rooms that are single with a shared bathroom.

There are also two double rooms for any couples who are wishing to be together.

Telemedicine capabilities are built in to each bedroom, allowing the transmission of medical imaging and health information data to another healthcare site. This helps to minimise travel to other professional health services.  Lifters are built into the wall behind some beds for easy access should a resident need assistance getting in and out of bed.


There are four important facts a resident needs to understand before they move into Care:
  1. You will need to be assessed by the ACAT Team of nurses to see if you qualify for Care.
  2. A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) to be paid.
  3. A daily care fee, which is the amount you are charged each day for all your meals & care,                                                                                                      currently $52.25 per day + $13,00 or $20.00 a day (Additional Service fee)
  4. Everyone has to complete a "Combined Assets & Income Assessment"; this will determine the charges you will pay in addition to the daily care as a Co-Contribution amount.
Current Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)
Premium single $680,000.00 4.89 $91.10
Deluxe Single $640,000.00 4.89 $85.74
Superior Large  Single $550,000.00 4.89 $73.68
Superior Medium Single $500,000.00 4.89 $66.98
Single large view room shared bathroom $500,000.00      4.89      $66.98
Single room sharedbathroom $400,000       4.89       $53.58
Single room shared bathroom $300,000       4.89        $40.19

RAD Refundable Accommodation deposit     DAP Daily Accommodation Payment      MPIR Maximum Permissible Interest Rate